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TIC GROUP has started their business in 1980 as the rice mill in Sisaket Province under the name of "TOUMI COMPANY LIMITED", with an initial registered capital of USD 200,000 and a modest production capacity of 300 tons of paddy per day.

TIC GROUP, Toumi Intertrade Co.,Ltd.

As their business has extensively expanded, in 2000, TOUMI has started to export Thai Rice such as Thai Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice), Thai Long Grain White Rice, and Thai Glutinous Rice under the name of Star Brand and TOUMI Brand.

Toumi Intertrade Export Thai Rice

With their extensive success in business operation throughout the past year, in 2003, TOUMI INTERTRADE COMPANY LIMITED was established in Pathumthani Province to support their growing and expanding modest production closer to sources of finest raw materials.

Nowadays, TIC GROUP has preserved the high standards in every stage of production in order to fulfill the customer’s demand in both local and international market with the combined production capacity for 20,000 tons of paddy per month.

Export Thai Long Grain White Rice, Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai Rice